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I am Md Ahshan Haleem. I am from Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India. I am a student, Blogger and All Rounder In my life. I make this Website to provides us awesome information about Technology, Computer Software, Facts, Android Apps and Much More. The Main Reason For creating this Website For helping everyone in Online Platform, because I loves to shares Good Things with Everyone. There are many Website/site available Everywhere but much more are fake and not trustable, because they gives us wrong Information, fake Tech News and many more givens are fake on such Website. Therefore I decided to share something Amazing & 100% real. 

I have only one mission to help my fellows and others That they are on the way of online Platform for Earning Online Money to make his/her life Success, Techz News to make his/her life Update or to get some interesting Facts they didn't know etc . I only requsted you to help me by Sharing my Helpful Articles to needy person that want this article to make his/her life good. It helps me to Stay Always Motivated for posting more and more helpful Articles For You. 

If you face any problems and see any wrong information about anything on my site Please Feel Free to Contact Us :-

Name :- Md Ahshan Haleem 

Address :- Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India 

Email Address:- puregyan101@gmail.com

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