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Black Hat Python: Python Programming for Hackers and Pentesters

Black hat python is the hacker’s first choice when it comes to hacking, as every hacker usually turns to conventional hacking tools such as Burp Suite to find their different vulnerabilities.

Although the hackers also build their own secure and useful hacking tools on the bug frequently, thus python is the style of choice because it’s easy to use, handy and you can build a proof of ideas in minutes with almost a few lines of code.

In this book, the newest book from Justin Seitz, you’ll examine the more sinister side of Python’s abilities.

It will guide you on how to address network sniffers, manipulating packets, infecting virtual machines, creating private trojans, and many more.

Moreover, this book tells the readers that how they can create a trojan command-and-control utilizing GitHub, how to recognize sandboxing, and automate simple malware tasks, like keylogging and screenshotting and also to increase Windows opportunities with creative process control.

It has a fantastic feature that guides you on how to continue the successful Burp Suite web-hacking tool, so, that you can build and design your plugins, and not only that even you can also distance to assist you in finding possibly productive and significant vulnerabilities much quicker.

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